AMD Prognosis

Macula Risk Prognostic Results

The patient’s AMD prognosis is presented on the first page of the Macula Risk PGx Laboratory Report. The following information is reported:

  • Clinical information (age, smoking history, BMI and
    AMD status);
  • Genetic results (genotype for 15 AMD-associated genetic markers, and the Genetic Risk Subscore);
  • The patient’s 2, 5 and 10-year risk of progression to
    advanced AMD.
  • AREDS personalized vitamin recommendation based on genetic results

A sample report with key features highlighted is shown below:

Based upon the 10-year risk of progression, patients are stratified into one of five Macula Risk (MR) categories ranging from MR1 to MR5. These MR scores can be used to personalize disease management programs for patients. The five MR categories and their respective 10-year risk values are:
MR1 (0-5%)
MR2 (6-10%)
MR3 (11-30%)
MR4 (31-60%)
MR5 (61-90%)

The MR score enables eye care practitioners to customize disease management programs for their patients based on a risk profile that extends beyond the clinical exam to include genetic and environmental factors. Patients at an increased risk of progression (MR3, MR4 and MR5) may benefit from:

  • An increased frequency of eye examinations for 'high risk' patients, as per the AAO Preferred Practice Patterns
    for AMD
  • Disease education
  • Routine Amsler Grid or Foresee Home testing
  • Personalized preventative eye supplement therapy
  • Early diagnosis and treatment of wet AMD to save vision